Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lesson Learned

My successes:  Getting through my urgent email.

I am in gratitude for:

  1. A business I love.
  2. The ever-changing social media industry I work in.  It keeps me on my toes & challenges me to always improve.
  3. Women who understand the true power in femininity.
  4. This gorgeous state I live in. I'm looking forward to the next camping trip.
  5. Giving myself a raise.

Gratitude for my husband: Buying & setting up my new speakers for me.  

Gratitude for me:  My willingness to continue to explore and grow.

What I want more of:  More clients who value abundance, collaboration, and communication.

I invest in:  Continuing to learn more about Facebook's Power Editor. (One lesson at a time!)

My lesson learned:  Clients I give discounts to, discount my value.

Integrity:  I promise to go through my non-urgent email today.

One more thing I'm grateful for... this little birdie always brightening up my day.

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