Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Snow Break

I started another post, but I'm not ready to publish that one.  I'll try again on that post tomorrow.

For my daily journaling:


  1. Networked with other BNI Directors and a graphic and brand designer.
  2. Last-minute promotion and reminders for a client's event.
  3. Decided on a niche!  More to come on this one on my business blog.
  4. Marketing work for my husband's business, Referral Institute Oakland.
  5. Recorded videos to help with team delegation.
  6. A fun break at the mall with my sister and her family.

  1. This weird thing called life.
  2. The capabilities to ponder this life.
  3. The flexibility to go play in the middle of my day.
  4. Meeting nice, fun, inspiring people every day.
  5. Time to get stuff done.
Gratitude for My Husband
  • His humor, the delicious dinners he makes for me, and just being there for me.

Gratitude for Myself
  • Giving myself time to process emotion and life purpose.

  • Record videos for team delegation.
  • Focus on client projects today.
1% Shift
  • Realizing I don't work well shifting from one computer project to another.  Instead I'll stick with personal projects in between computer tasks to give myself a break from the computer.

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